Monday, November 23, 2009


My dear friend Julie - the one I've known since we were in elementary school... the one with one leg who was an Olympian - her - Anyway, she was hired away from a very good job very close to home to work at a prosthetics company in New Hampshire over 45 minutes from her house. She did not apply for the job. They called her. They begged and pleaded with her to take this job.  Before she took the position she told them that she knew dental insurance, not prosthetics and that she'd need time to learn. They told her they'd give her 6 months and then they'd review her and give her a raise.   She also told them that she needed a secure job because she's a single mom with a mortgage.  "Fear not", they said... "We want you to retire here".
Julie loved this job. She was in her element. She learned quickly. She felt at home.

She was there exactly 6 weeks. They laid her off on Friday because they said that they didn't have enough work to keep her busy. (Bunch of bold faced liars!) This company does many arms and legs for the wounded soldiers coming back from war - not to mention the steady stream of clients they get nationwide and around the world. They are known as the best of the best. (If the owner doesn't make this right, I'll be spewing their company name all over the internet.) Did I mention that Julie wears one of their prosthetic legs?  Who lays off someone who can relate to patients like no other? Julie knows what it is like to be without a limb - those who make limbs think they know, but they do not. Only those who have lost limbs can know. She was hired to be a patient advocate - and she is the best. She got Medicaid and Medicare to pay when no one else could - in less than 6 weeks. (Beat that, baby!)
The supervisor told Julie that she was sorry. (Excuse me, but that's a crock...  We all know that the supervisor didn't like it that the owner hired her.) Before Julie left, she told the supervisor - who is also the owner's wife - exactly what needed to be done with each of the 25 files on her desk as well as the status of the closed files that needed to be put up. The woman was totally shocked because she's a lousy boss who was too wrapped up in herself to see the big picture. She had no idea that Julie had done that much work in such a short time.  By the way - Julie's work is flawless. The insurance companies and the government don't pay out if there are mistakes in paperwork...  That supervisor? She's a moron who just laid off the best thing that ever happened to that place.
So - if any of you know of a dental office, prosthetics office, or medical establishment - in Massachusetts, or southern New Hampshire in need of an excellent worker, please let me know. I've got an terrific employee for you. She can't go back to her old job, because they replaced her...

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