Monday, November 16, 2009

Geez Louise!

It's Monday?
Where do the weekends go?

I have my review at the church where I direct my handbell choir in a little while.  Then I have to teach my school kids - hopefully the flu is almost out of that school. I don't like to breathe germy air, you know?  Then I have my church handbell group - unless they fire me this morning, which is unlikely...

I'm tired just thinking about all of that.  But it's really fun exhausting stuff!

The kids start their swim season today. I love swim season for two reasons:
1. It's short.  We're done by the end of January and we've got Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks in there for breathing room.
2. The kids are tired, go to bed early, and sleep really well.  This allows me easier access to the TV remote in the evenings. (It's the little things...)

Okay - I'd best get my rear in gear...
Wish me luck!

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