Wednesday, December 09, 2009

20 and Counting

20 years ago today I married my best friend.
It was a cold December day. I had class in the morning - my last graduate class and the teacher made me go. I wanted snow (yes, I was young and stupid). I got a few flakes as I walked into the church - my blessing from heaven I called it.
My memories of that day are few and far between - I remember standing at the altar thinking that I was going to remember all of it... that's pretty much it except for the "I do", the kiss, and the ring getting stuck half way up Mr.'s finger... 
Our pictures are hysterical!  I was so vain - I got contacts for the day -- blue ones to make my eyes look bluer - heaven forbid my glasses "date" the picture!  There's the one of me walking up the aisle with my dad - I had the biggest smile on my face.  Mr. looked dapper (and a wee bit nervous) in his tux.  Then there's the minister -- he looked like he smelled something bad in every single picture - neither of us farted -- honest!
Our reception at The Andover Inn was a blast! We danced. We ate. The men made a pyramid with Mr. at the top. I have the picture to prove that stunt, too. Our families had a marvelous time.
We honeymooned at Stowe - our room had no heat during the coldest week of the year. Our champagne froze, as did we. We actually went to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream to warm up!
Now, 20 years later we've got 2 kids in high school, a house in the country, and a life we love.
Would I do it all again?
You bet!
Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bug.

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