Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party in T minus 2.5 days

OMG! The annual Christmas extravaganza is this Saturday.
I am NOT ready... well, I am, but my house is not...  My poor sweet house is strewn with ribbons, wrapping paper, bags, and various types of wrapping shrapnel. My floor needs mopping. The clutter needs decluttering. My disaster of a desk - fortunately, that has doors that I can just close up...
It's not all doom and gloom. There are a couple of bright spots

The dining room is set.
The living room is set.
That's two bright spots... A couple is two, right?
The craft room - where we serve the drinks and desserts --- that's not set... not one bit. Today I'll tackle that. My scrapbooking needs to be put away... or done.. and since I'm out of time.. it will be put away.
I need to vacuum and dust.
I won't be home on Friday to do any of it.
I won't be home this afternoon to do any of it.
It's now or never... Hey - isn't that a song???

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