Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crazy People

live here.
We decided that it would be a good idea to strip wallpaper and paint the master bedroom and bathroom during Christmas week. This is because we got 2 feet of snow and we couldn't split wood... The chore we'd been planning for a while now. (I thank the Lord we got 2 feet of snow because if we didn't, I'd still be looking at 1986 blue floral and bow wallpaper.)

Our master bedroom is a whole lot bigger than we thought... Fortunately, our master bath is teeny tiny in comparison...

It took us a whole day to get the wallpaper off the walls - and it came off relatively easily. We washed and rinsed and spackled as we thought we'd paint the room the next day. It took 2 days to paint that room, but it is lovely.

Just as we finished painting the master bedroom, Mr. mentioned that since the bathroom was upside down, too, we may as well do that.  How long could it really take anyway...

The wallpaper in the bathroom was interesting. It was not the quality of that in the bedroom. The top half came off in sheets - I'm sure it's from years of being steamed from the shower. The bottom half - not so much - that came off one itty bitty piece at a time.

We washed those walls and spackled... The next morning, we painted. It took no time at all!  Now we have to put it all back together. I got a new medicine cabinet and am on the hunt for a new "over the toilet" cabinet. For now, we'll use the old one and I'll get new knobs.  Those will be hung this morning so we can begin to put stuff away.  I'm going to paint the sink base in the bathroom -- unless I can convince Mr. that a new one is in order.  (Measurements will be taken and prices will be compared because honestly, the sink is from 1986 and has definitely seen a better day...)

Tomorrow Mr. and Grandpa will be putting the crown molding up in the bedroom. This is only because the bathroom threw up into the bedroom and we need to clean it all up so we can get to the walls to put up the crown!  I will admit to cheating on the crown. I got the corner moldings pre-made... you put them up, measure between, make straight cuts and slap the crown in there.  They aren't cheap, but in the long run, it will save much angst and gnashing of teeth to do it this way.

I've ordered new bedding - we'll see if it stays or goes...  it was on sale and it is in the style that Jackie Davis,  the HGTV designer (and dear friend) told me to get when she gave me the colors for the room. I'm not sure the colors are exactly right - the colors on the monitor are often a wee bit different in person, but I'll know when it arrives.

Pictures? Well, you'll have to wait until it's all done and picked up and dusted...

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