Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big News...

LLB made All District Band!!

She auditioned on Saturday.
We arrived at the venue later than we have in years past. She was the last trumpet - #37.
She hung around and waited for her audition time with her friends - they were a little ahead of her, but she laughed and enjoyed their company. I think they helped relax her. Once they went off to audition, she warmed up a little and then played Tetris on her Nintendo.
When she came out, I asked her how she thought she'd done.
She said that she had nailed the etude and most of the scales. She thought she did okay on the sightreading - she said she had a little bit of a rough start, but had it down by the end of the piece -- oh and she thought it might have been a Mozart piece.
She still didn't think she'd be one of the 12 chosen. After all, she is just a freshman...
She found out yesterday that she'd made it.
She told me she was jumping up and down in the hallway and that she dropped all of her stuff so she could hug the two trumpets that told her she'd made it. Those two boys will never be the same!!
She's either #9 or #11. Either way it's terrific!!


She got second place for the Hero paper she wrote and narrated for an English competition.

She had a banner day.


She had a run-in with her History teacher. It seems the teacher threw a notebook at a fellow student. She went toe to toe with the woman. You don't throw things at students -- ever.  When LLB confronted her, the teacher told her that she could do whatever she wanted because the notebook was incomplete. LLB just looked at her - with "that look".  The teacher came and found her later to apologize.  I am sure the woman is afraid LLB will tell me what happened and that I'll turn her in. Too bad, Lady.. She  did, and I will... later today.

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