Tuesday, December 08, 2009

'Tis the Season

We've been busy out here at The Crossing.

We had snow over the weekend and that eliminated our internet connection - the dish fills with snow and we've got no internet... they don't tell you about that when you sign up for satellite service. Without internet, there's no shopping, no email, no blogging, no facebook....  Mr. and I braved the snow to pick up my new glasses on Saturday. I'm still not sure I like them - they are progressive lenses and they make me a tad nauseous.  I've been told I'll get used to it.

I rang bells on Sunday - all day - as in 5 hours... And yes, my hands are sore, thankyouverymuch.
 If you want the real scoop on the evening concert, go on over to the other place I write, and I'll fill you in. Some of it was good, but some of it was more than annoying.

Yesterday I went on a field trip with LLB. We went to see the Terracotta Warriors at the National Geographic Museum. It was terrific! We enjoyed seeing them, but felt that the time away from school wasn't worth the trip as the exhibit is relatively small.  (I would have preferred that the teacher recommend that the kids see them with their families - we would have taken LLB and #1 in to see them and then stayed to see the rest of the museum.)  If the Terracotta Warriors come to your local museum, definitely go see them. 

Today I'm going to wrap up some goodies that arrived yesterday. I'm also going to do some laundry, pick up my house, and take Mini Kitty and Zeb to the vet. Getting the cat into the carrier is always an adventure... An adventure that only the bravest can attempt - umm... that would be me.  I have bandaids, peroxide, and leather gloves at the ready.  The appointment is at 2:30. I'll start to put her in the carrier at 1 - that should give me enough time to get her in the carrier, clean my wounds, take another shower, and get there. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

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