Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be Nice!

This is a rant.
If you don't like it - click the red button.

I was driving home on the highway this afternoon.  It was a busy time on the roads, but not quite rush hour. This particular exit usually has two lanes exiting, but one was closed due to construction.  This meant a change in traffic pattern.  It was confusing.  Actually, it was hairy as far as traffic goes...

An SUV was trying to move into the exit lane and another large pickup truck refused to let the person in.  The person in the SUV was not being rude or anything.
He had his turn signal on.  
He slowed down to try to get to the ramp. He actually looked pretty desperate...
He signaled to please let him in...

That pickup truck driver was simply nasty!
He refused to give an inch.
He even sped up so the SUV just couldn't get in.
What? Is this a race?
The next exit is 8 - yes, 8 miles up the road.
The SUV ended up going to the next exit to turn around - 16 extra miles all because someone wouldn't be nice.

This little incident happened right in front of me.
Yes, my knickers are in a twist...
I try to be a considerate driver.
I've been lost.
I've been confused in a new traffic pattern.
I've been there - and so has everybody else.
So -- if someone wants to get off the highway, please... be nice and let them off.


grambug said...

He was a total toad. He'll go home and brag to his wife and kids how he wouldn't let this car cut him off, when the man was trying to exit safely. If the other car had his road rage, neither one of them would have got home!

Renee Nefe said...

I'm with you on this one. We have this one road where the two lands merge into one to get into the traffic circle. And I'm pretty sure it's the same woman each time it happens but she'll never let me in, even if I'm 3/4 of a car length in front of her! She'll speed up and block me over. Someone needs to teach her some road courtesy. grrr

Ellen said...

In MN, they've been trying to get people to do the "zipper technique" of merging - look it up! - but some people will only do what they want to do.

When they became drivers, I told the girl the old chestnut about "It's the other drivers you need to watch out for - but don't forget, sometimes you are the other driver!" Knock on wood.