Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Bear Wuz Here!

The other day, Mr. went outside and discovered that our heat pump/air conditioning unit was off it's block - literally!  The plastic slab it sits on was half way out from under it.  This is unusual as the unit itself weighs a ton! Two grown men can barely lift it.
How could that have happened? Vibration? Maybe... not!
Gram noticed that there were dirt marks on the top and sides of the unit. She asked Grandpa if he'd put his hands or leaned there after gardening?  Grandpa informed her that he'd been gardening in the back of the house and that no - he'd not been over there at all.
Suddenly it came to them - it was the BEAR!
Sure enough, the slab had claw marks on it where he pulled it out.
Bear is strong!
But really, why would the bear want to get into the A/C unit?
It's simple...
When they started to push the slab back under the unit - with much difficulty, I might add - they were attacked by bees... angry honey bees. 
Yes, the bear wanted the honey...
Kinda sounds like Pooh lives around here, doesn't it?
Silly old bear!
Needless to say, the bees have been removed and the unit will be serviced today to be sure it's all okay.


Renee Nefe said...

wow! not a good place for the bees to hang out in. I hope the bear repairs aren't too expensive.

Nicole said...

Woah!!! How crazy!

grambug said...

We will put on our "to do" list, a memo to go around and spray the two generators, and the three outside air handlers on a regular basis to deter bees and bears:-)

Mrs. Who said...

Whoa...and I thought I lived close to nature!