Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last Day

Today is the last day of school.
My #1 becomes a senior...
When he arrives home he will be busy. He has to practice for the MENC Honor Ensemble - he's playing at the Kennedy Center on the 27th. He also has to start his ROTC Scholarship application, write two college application essays, and generally get his rear in gear. He will be home for exactly one week and then his real summer starts!
LLB will catch up to him in July.  They will be gone for weeks at a time with less than 24 hours turn around time in between all summer. As we told them both - enjoy it now.  There won't be too many more summers when they can camp hop like this!
Don't worry. I'll keep myself busy. I'll shovel out some rooms. I'll clean out closets that are in desperate need of cleaning. I'll organize the pantry.  Heck, I'll probably even sleep in once (or twice), meet friends for lunch, go shopping... Oh, excuse me - ahem... I mean... I'll pine for my children every second they are away....

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grambug said...

Of course, you will do all those things, while pining for your children, who will be having the time of their young lives!