Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to write??

I have no idea what to write about today.
School is out for the summer. And boy are we glad about that! You'd think that with 13 days of no school in February, we'd not be quite ready to get out... umm... no - we were ready 2 weeks ago!

I've got to pack #1 for 2 camps for next week.  He has an overlap - of course. But, his Chem Camp organizer has given him the okay to leave early to do the MENC Honor Ensemble in DC.

My job is to get him packed and organized so that on Sunday we can blast out of here knowing he has everything he needs. Wish me luck.

At Chem Camp he needs shoes - real ones. He also needs shirts with sleeves and collars - polos fit the bill there, right?  Oh yes, and dress shorts... I'm hoping his plaid shorts fit the bill there. He needs extra long twin flat sheets - no fitted sheets allowed.  Oh and white towels and face cloths... Did you know that he has to be clean shaven? He had better be sure to toss his razor in there on Sunday morning.  He doesn't need to get in trouble because he looks like a billy goat!

For the other camp - I have no idea what the boy needs other than a saxophone. I'm thinking plaid shorts and polos for that one, too. It makes packing so much easier!

Trust me, it's not all fun and games around here - #1 is trying to get his college essays written before he leaves for his summer of fun.  Doesn't that sound like a great way to start the summer? Yeah, I thought not...
But, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Now, let me go wake the boy up so we can get this party started!

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