Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rude People

Make me crazy...
I was hauling water out of our storage trailer yesterday morning - alone. Our storage trailer is a 2 classroom trailer that is no longer used for classes.  There are doors at both ends of the trailer - one on the street side with stairs and the other in the back with a "handicapped" ramp.  I had the street side door propped open and my car directly in front of the stairs with the tailgate open.

As I exited the classroom with a case of water a man walked by me.
Excuse me, Sir, can I help you?
I'm passing through. - He said this with a tone... I don't do tone.
I'm sorry, this is a storage trailer, not a pass through. This is not open to the public. - I was cordial...
Well, how am I supposed to get to the other side?
(I've been up since 3am. It is currently 6:15am. I've been carrying water since 5:20am) Well, you can do what everyone else does and go around. - I said this with a smile...

He snarled, Nice Attitude!
(Nice attitude? Are you kidding me? It's graduation, which is supposed to be a happy day, and you've started it off by snarling at me!)
My next comment to him - Don't start! - Trust me I was in no mood.  He turned on his heel and left. Had he stayed one more second, I would have ripped his lips off. I also think that had I not been alone, he would have gone around.
As he exited the back of the trailer, I had to chuckle to myself... the ramp makes the walk twice as long as it would have been had he just walked along the side of the trailer.
That, my friends, is what you call karma!

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grambug said...

You "gotta" love it! Guess he wasn't an early morning person...or a late morning one for that matter!

Rude people really, really annoy me!
I often wonder why they think everyone will accept their rude ways.
I consider it intimidation.