Wednesday, June 02, 2010

That Kitty... is

Mini Kitty is simply naughty...
And she knows it.
She asks to go outside.
We let her out.
The next thing we know, she's asking to go out again.
We let her out and don't think a thing about it.
This happens a few dozen times before we catch on.
I have not let her in.
Mr. has not let her in.
The children have not let her in...
 She is going out over here and getting Gram and Grandpa to let her in over there.
Over and over and over again.
Suddenly we realize what is happening. We have caught on.
We are not the brightest bunch, but once we figure out the pattern, we put a stop to it.
She is currently outside.
She is sitting by the door.
She is looking at me with sad big eyes...
It isn't working.
She cannot win.
Not even with big ol' saucer eyes... nope.
I'll let her in, but I'm not letting her out.
She can go next door and get them to let her out.


Renee Nefe said...

we need a picture of that naughty kitty!

grambug said...

If you don't shut the door REALLY tight she nudges it and nudges it until she gets it open. No one shuts a door really tight, well, not in this house anyway:-)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Gotta love those kitties, even if they are naughty. Mine is totally naughty. She is an inside cat. Likes to play with EVERYTHING, attacks feet whenever they walk by, tries to hide in the kids bedrooms when its bedtime (the doors get closed so she would be locked in).
But she is cute and we love her!