Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm off to C*sct* today to get water for the band to sell at graduation this Saturday
We had hoped the local Pepsi plant would come through and donate some, but that hasn't happened and we are out of time.
I need 25 cases - good thing I don't need more, because that's all I can fit in my car.
The other things I need are light and small, so we're good.
I emailed the band director to tell him that we'd be hauling water to the school today. He told me that he could meet me at 12:30 to help unload my car. That works. There is just no way that I'm unloading 25 cases of water by myself...
And there is no way that Gram will be unloading water.
She's done her share of Band Stuff over the years and hauling water is out of the question.
I will, however, let her buy me lunch.

UPDATE:  I was on my way to purchase the water when I got a call - Pepsi came through with 15 cases of water! Yippeee! I only had to purchase 10.  Thanks, Pepsi!!


Renee Nefe said...

I'm sorry that you weren't able to get the water donated. :( and I hope you get plenty of help unloading it. hugs!

grambug said...

Hooray, Pepsi came through. Thank you Pepsi for your support of the FHS Band.