Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Chair For Mr

Mr has been at his company for 30 years this year. He had a choice of a lot of different gifts he could receive from his company. He chose the chair! 

When I graduated from Grove City College, mom and dad bought me a college chair. Ditto for my sister when she graduated from UMass. Mom has one from her alma mater - the New England Baptist Hospital School of Nursing - that I got for her. Dad got a chair from his company when he retired. When LLB and #1 graduated from VMI, they both got their college chairs from Gram and Grandpa. It’s a thing. It’s what we do. We have a chair fetish. 

Over the years, mom tried desperately to get a chair for Mr from McGill and Concordia to no avail. So, Mr was the only one without a chair. Those days are now gone! He has his own chair! Yippee! Believe me, if I can get him a chair from McGill or Concordia, I will, but this will do. He and Grandpa have company chairs! That’s pretty cool! 

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