Thursday, September 30, 2021

Tooth Fairy Time?

Does the tooth fairy come for cat teeth? It seems Mini has lost a tooth. We took her to the vet today because she was a little oozy around the mouth. She had a tooth just hanging there and the vet plucked it out. Mini needs to step up her game in the oral hygiene department. Maybe I’ll get her a water pick! 

Here she is after the vet finished with her.

Mini was so upset with me that she refused to face the crate door. She loosened up on the way home after I put her in the front with me. She did tell me that she wanted “home” and “out” - frequently during our drive. I encouraged her to sing with the radio, but she wasn’t having it - those aren’t the songs of her people, don’t you know?! 

We are home. She is a bit high on pain meds. She has made the rounds, checked on her bowls, and is currently trying to decide where she wants to be. 

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