Monday, January 09, 2006

Athletic Ability

#1 Son played his first basketball scrimmage this weekend. He did great! He got a few points, played great defensively, and had some fun. We all know that any athletic talent did not come from LadyBug's side of the gene pool. If you need proof of this I can tell you a short story about my athletic prowess.

I was a freshman in college. Of course, I was required to take Freshman Gym. It was spring term. Basketball was the subject. Coach taught us all kinds of things like how to pass, shoot, do layups, and dribble - I tried very hard to perfect these skills in the alloted time frame. At the end of the term there was a written exam ( I got an A). There was also a practical exam. The requirements were simple: 10 layups, 10 free shots, 10 chest passes, and dribble through the maze of chairs. Sounds simple, doesn't it.

Well - 10 layups - didn't get one basket - score: 0
I looked at coach - he shook his head and smiled... He tried to be nice.
10 free throws - didn't get one basked - score: 0
I looked at coach - he looked a little overwhelmed... How could this happen?
10 chest passes - didn't hit the mark on the wall one time - score: 0
Poor coach - he gets the only girl on the whole campus who has absolutely no athletic ability...

The last thing to do was dribble through this maze of chairs. I thought I might be able to salvage a little bit of my grade - never mind my self esteem. I started to dribble and jog. Ok.. looking pretty good. I went around the first chair. I caught my toe on the second chair. I fell in slow motion. As I fell, the ball went one way, I went the other, and the rest of the chairs ended up spewed all over the gym. I am still not sure how all that happened. My score: 0.

I had flunked Basketball. Who flunks Freshman Gym?? Coach told me it was a good thing I passed the written. (I'm sure he was worried that he'd have me again next term!!) He gave me a B, patted me on the head and told me to never ever come back. I really don't blame him.

So, the fact that #1 Son has any athletic ability is amazing! He is pretty good at basketball - I don't think he'll be getting a basketball scholarship to college, but he knows how to play and he can get some points.


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