Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Little LadyBug had to write a book report.

Little LadyBug, being who she is and being an avid reader, chose Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry. It is a huge 500+ page book. She spent a good few days reading. She lugged that book all over the place.. it was a good one - that's for sure! Little LadyBug then spent a long time writing the book report. She wrote over 5 pages - longhand... not typed. It was a reallly good synopsis of the book. I, personally, think it was better than the one on Amazon -- but who am I?

Well, she got her grade back and boy am I miffed! She got a 90, which around here, is a B! Not only did she write a great paper, she wrote it on a huge book.

It seems the teacher had some questions about the book that Little LadyBug didn't answer.

IF the teacher had given Little LadyBug a list of questions she wanted answered, the Little one would have answered those questions. Alas, the teacher just told Little LadyBug to write a synopsis... which she DID!

So, now I have my knickers in a twist! They are in such a twist that I emailed the teacher. I asked her some questions about the requirements and then I told her what I thought. The teacher emailed me back. She didn't answer my questions, nor did she send me a rubric... So much for answering questions...

She did take Little LadyBug aside and told her what she can do to increase her grade 5 points to get an A. Little LadyBug is currently ensconced in the dining room answering the teacher's 5 stupid questions.

You know - next time she has one of these stupid reports due, I'm telling her to write her report on an easy book - one that she can tell everything that happened in the book and still have feeling left in her fingers when she's done....

'nuf said.

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