Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Laundry Laments

Today I am doing laundry. Lots of Laundry...

I don't mind carrying the baskets to the laundry room. I don't even mind sorting or even folding - for the most part. What I do mind is having to turn clothing right side out either before I wash or after it is dried. I totally resent it! And those socks that come to me in a ball just burn my bippie. How can they expect a sock to come clean if it is in a ball. Do they think the laundry fairy comes along and turns everything the right way???

Well, the laundry fairy is not coming in today... She's got better things to do than turn #1 Son's smelly socks!

#1 Son, on the other hand, needs to be re-educated in the art of dirty laundry preparation. To begin with, I have folded his laundry exactly the way it was received.. One pair of jeans is totally inside out, another as one leg in and one leg out. Do you think this will help? Do you think he'll get the idea??

Nah, me neither, but it makes me feel better.

Ahh - the dryer just buzzed...

Thanks for dropping by - hey, fold a towel or two before you go, will ya?


1 comment:

Katherine said...

What's a bippie? My husband refused to believe he was putting his tshirts in the laundry inside out. A few times of me leaving them inside out when I folded them magically cured him of that!