Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thirteen Things LadyBug is Thinking About Today

1. LadyBug's internet connection - for which she pays through the nose - isn't working too well today. LadyBug is NOT happy about that.

2. LadyBug is having tea with a good friend today. I made pizzelles to take with me and they taste as good as they look. Have one while you peruse the rest of my TT.

3. Little LadyBug is singing in a concert at the High School tomorrow. Do you think she'd mind if I showed up and took some pictures?

4. #1 Son has basketball practice tonight. LadyBug is glad that Mr. Bug is home to take him.

5. LadyBug has handbell rehearsal tonight. She missed last week to take #1 Son to BBall.

6. LadyBug is contemplating having her Middle School Handbells put on a 45min. handbell concert in the spring.

7. LadyBug is also wondering how she can have these kids do a concert when there is almost a month when they will not have class due to exams, ski week (whatever that is?!), and a "discovery day". They don't need to discover anything in Middle School...

8. LadyBug is contemplating having one of her 8th graders direct a song for the concert... Yup - more work for LadyBug!

9. LadyBug is going out to lunch with 2 good friends tomorrow. She is excited to see both of them since she hasn't had a chance to have a real conversation with either of them since before Christmas.

10. LadyBug just realized that she has to get her tax stuff together - soon - well, maybe next week.

11. LadyBug discovered a new type of handmade scarf called the "Curly Whirly". I made one and it is really cool! If you want to know what one is, click the blog link over there --->

12. Mister Bug worked from home yesterday. It was really nice to have him around.

13. Mister Bug took a lunch break and we went to the dump. Aren't we romantic? Well, after the dump, he did take me out to lunch. What a great guy!!

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J&J's Mom said...

Sounds like Lady bugs been busy! See you tomorrow!

WendyWings said...

The dump then lunch what more could a girl ask for

Wendy's Thirteen

Unknown said...

School concerts, you are a brave soul!

Kimmy said...

You have a rich, full life. I'm so glad you are involved with your kids.
And I'm glad to hear Mr. Bug didn't take you out to eat AT the dump! (Uncle Randy...friends friends...loves the dump. He likes to find things, fix them up and give them a new life. I'm jealous of the end result!)
You always make me feel so good. Thanks!
My 13 are up!

Anonymous said...

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