Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Line...

Hello, everyone!

#1 Son came home all excited the other day - he got a part in the school play. Let me give you a little background on the boy. He is tall, handsome, and has quite a presence about him. He is loud and projects his voice well. He enjoys being on stage and even went to a summer music and drama camp. #1 Son did the curtains and lights for the musical in October and when he went up to get his thankyou gift, the people in the audience said (not knowing he was mine) "that kid has more stage presence than anyone in the cast, why didn't they use him?" Ok - are you getting my drift?

So, it turns out that he gets this part because some kid dropped out. I asked him if he would have time to memorize his lines... He said, "Mom, I know my line." It took me a second... I said, "Your Line??" "Umm, yup..." and he recites it. My mind is boggled... I think to myself "The child has one line. ONE!! One line is not worth the hours of rehearsal time!!" But, I say, "Oh, that's great. So, you are ready for the show?" He says, "Yup, but I dunno when it is.. I think it might be next week or the week after."

And so it goes... The life of the drama club parent... I have to revamp my family's whole schedule for ONE LINE! I will do it because he wants to be in the play. I will not complain in his presence. All he will know is that we are so proud of him - because we are.


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Katherine said...

Awww, you should be the Poster Mom of Moms! Of course, your son won't realize the sacrifices you made for him until he's 40 and has kids of his hang on until then! :)