Friday, September 01, 2006

Football Wrap-up

Yesterday was #1 Son's first ever football game. It was a scrimmage.
#1 Son was in the first string. He was absolutely thrilled!
BTW: He looked very good in his uniform - #32. (Hey, I'm allowed. I'm the Mom!!)

The first play...
#1 Son is ready. The ball is snapped. #1 Son blocks the guys. Our team scores!! Yippee!!
Well. That about sums up the game.
The other team couldn't score. Our guys were too good. We marched them up and down the field. It was pretty good!

#1 Son: "Hey, Mom! Did you see me?"
LB: "Yup, I did! You did great! You looked really good out there!"
#1 Son: "Did you see me stop that guy?"
LB: "I saw it all, Dear."
#1 Son: "Good. Just checkin'"

Yes, I was there. Yes, I watched. Yes, I talked to the other parents. When #1 Son was standing on the sidelines, I was yacking it up big time. He was on the sidelines for most of the game. I guess that's what happens when your first play is so effective. That's the kind of football I can deal with - one play early in the game. He gets to play and I get to see him safe on the sidelines. :-)

Oh - did you know that football players are stinky? Now you do. The team had this... umm.... aura... about them yesterday - kinda like Pigpen used to have. Every mother was gagging - almost hurling... Every father was basking in the um... putridity... um, I mean scent... I think the stench brought back memories of their own glory days. Every member of the team took his uniform home to be washed... I bet every uniform is soaking in a washing machine right now.

We brought Zebbie to the game. LLB and her friends ran him around for the duration of the game. He sat on my lap for about 15 minutes while LLB took a break. The rest of the time he was running. He spent the evening passed out on his back - toes up - on the couch. He was one tired dog...

So - No injuries
1 disgustingly stinky uniform soaking in the washer
1 very happy boy
1 exhausted dog

Life is good...


Jane said...

WOW! Now that's a Kodak moment for sure. Your son will always remember that his mom was there.

Renee Nefe said...

They just showed a commercial for Febreez where the mom sprays the shoulder pads because of the stench. couldn't hurt unless #1 son doesn't wanna smell like flowers at practice. hee hee

A tired puppy is a happy puppy. :D Mine is konked out on the floor near me right now.

I'm glad you enjoyed DD's clog. I wasn't sure that in the writing that the humor of the situation would come through.

Katherine said...

Yay for #1 son! I'm glad it went so well the 1st time. Funny about your dog, too.

Melzie said...

*grin* Yay for a safe boy, and a smiling happy mama. :) Stinky uniforms... LOL! I can just imagine.

Lazy Daisy said...

Ahhh yes, life is good as long as you have Tide and Febreeze! (a good orthopedist too!)

Lazy Daisy said...

btw....oldest Canadian daughter is expecting. Due end of January...coldest month, coldest place you see a pattern here? Auntie Suzy is thrilled to have the pressure taken off her!