Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Summary

Ernesto came to visit. He dumped a bunch of rain out here.
We had a tree come down across the street and it took out our power for a while. We had finished dinner and were getting ready to hunker down and finish that 1000 piece puzzle when, POOF. We were in the dark.

We ran around and got candles, flashlights, Uno cards and a deck of regular cards. We played a few rounds of Uno. #1 Son kept winning, so we moved on to Balderdash - also known in some families as "Bull Sh*t". (We have been known to call it "Baldershnookie"). After a few rounds of #1 Son creaming us at that, too, and we decided to try poker. We needed something to bet with, so I hauled out my coinage from the laundry room. (I make a good living from what tidbits my family leaves in their pockets.) The last hand - all coins were tossed into the middle of the table. I mentioned that all those coins were to be returned to my laundry room container at the end of the game. This was not for keeps. They all balked. Hah! Guess who won the hand?? Yup - I did!
That will teach them!!

We finished the puzzle this morning.
It was HARD! I mean really really hard...

Who wants it next? I'll mail it to you...

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Meg said...

Way to use the power outage for some family time!