Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. Ballet class was really fun!

2. I can still walk today. I'm going to take more classes.

3. The hardest thing is keeping all the muscles engaged while attempting to move.

4. I can suck it all in and move my feet, but the minute she adds arms... I have problems...

6. I'll get it eventually.

7. I'm going to keep walking with Zeb everyday and do the exercises she recommended.

8. I might actually get back into shape in very little time.

9. #1 Son's first real football game is today.

10. It is away, so I can't go. LLB has ballet tonight and I wouldn't make it back in time for her class.

11. It is also "Instrument Night" at school tonight. LLB has an istrument, but she doesn't have the cleaning kit. So - I still have to go...

12. Last night was "Meet the 8th Grade Teacher" night.

13. #1 Son has a terrific bunch of teachers this year. Most are ex-military and don't allow superfluous talking and expect only the best from their students. Mr. Bug and I are very pleased.

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K said...

Ballet class sounds fun and challenging!!

Jane said...

Alright!!!!! Next thing we'll hear, you will be starring in "Swan Lake"!!

Thanks for visiting me this morning.

Knitting Maniac said...

Props to you on the ballet!!! Keep it up!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great list :)

Happy Thursday :)

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah, for ex-military dudes! I can't wait until we're ex military.

BALLET????? Too much would be jiggling on me. Might have to start with water ballet, maybe. ;)

Jennifer said...

great list! ballet? omg i know i couldnt do that... good luck in the football game today!

mine is up: Killired: Thursday 13 #26

My Shoes said...

i used to take ballet...i miss that.

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Ballet - you'd have to bury me. :)

My TT is up.

MaR said...

Oh, I am nr. 4!!! I can only coordinate arms OR feet... You'll be so in shape in a few weeks, wonderful, keep up the good work. Which reminds me...I haven't even started! Happy TT :)

Louise said...

Go ballet bug.

ALL teachers should be ex-military,

Happy Thursday

Anonymous said...

Great list, sounds like ballet is a good thing for you. Have fun!
My TT is about birthday facts.

Norma said...

Ballet lessons. I'm impressed. That's discipline.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Renee Nefe said...

wow I wanna take a class like that, but I don't have the time. Unless someone offered them during the day. LOL No one does that though because other people have "normal" lives. Oh well. *sigh*

Happy Thursday

Shannon said...

And how was the 8th grade teacher?

I took the challenge:

Have a great Thursday!

Katherine said...

Glad to hear ballet was fun!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Looks like your mind is as FULL as mine is...WHOA that is not good...What a list. I am glad that ballet is working for you. I was wondering if it would..Now what are you going to do with those ARMS!!
Thanks for visiting me as always. I may be off for a few days. Take care.

Lazy Daisy said...

You go girl....I would looke like the Hippos in Tutus in Disney's Fantasia. I've never seen a fat ballerina so you go girl! Sounds like a busy fall schedule.

Anonymous said...

I love #2 - I can still walk, therefore I plan to take more classes! LOL. Good for you, ballet sounds like fun.

I forgot about the challenge too, and mine is on random thoughts too. Great minds think alike, huh?! :)

Have a great day!

YellowRose said...

You go girl! By Christmas you'll be the star of "The Nutcracker!"

Good Luck to you son in his first game!!

Happy Thursday, mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Ballet was fun? Do your toes hurt? I've heard that learning ballet is really hard for adults.

Sounds like great teachers! Yay!

craziequeen said...

You're doing ballet, I'm doing re-enacting.....

it's all change in blogdom!


My TT is up.

Anonymous said...

wow, ballet class? You go girl!!

Just D said...

I missed tt today... but was glad to check in with you. Hooray for Ballet!

Anonymous said...

I use to do ballet before I had a car accident which has rendered me with a bung back! Its fun and worth the challenge!

Great TT! Sorry Im late!