Sunday, September 03, 2006

Turf Wars

Hey, Mom... She's up there on Pumpernicke's crate!

Zebbie: Come on down. Please. Let's be friends...
Angel: No thanks. I'd rather torture you from up here.

Can't catch me up here.... Can you, Shorty?

Pumpernickel is in the pink igloo.
Her thoughts: Get off my crate, you foolish cat!


Jane said...

Your kitty could be my kitty's sibling!! What cute pictures.

Renee Nefe said...

Try this for fun...hee hee

Put Angel in the crate so Zebbie can get some good sniffs in. I'm sure that Angel will hiss and growl but maybe after a good sniff Zebbie won't care so much about the silly kitty?

I don't know. They (those animal behavior experts) always say to let the animals get used to each other's scents. And that worked for a while with my dog & rabbits...but I still can't have them in the same room...the dog just has too much of a prey drive and the rabbits know they're the prey. I think it would be pretty funny if the rabbits chomped on the dog's ears though but they won't get that close.