Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Twinkle Toes...

You all remember that my hip has been acting up if I Jazzercise or jump or stand still for too long or perch on the edge of a stool for too long, or basically do anything for too long... The neurologist says that it's not neurological. Of course it isn't. The orthopaedist says that there is no reason for my pain, but I should try yoga or some excercise that doesn't involve jumping or pounding on cement or pavement. Ummm... great... My options are - how can I say this nicely - limited.

I could swim, but I don't have a pool and it's too far to the nearest "local" swimming pool.
I tried yoga - I couldn't move for days after. So, that's out.
I started walking 2 miles with the dog. That's okay. No pain. I even run a little bit up the driveway to tire the dog out. Basically I run 3 steps, he runs in circles and then comes back. We do this about 5 or 6 times on our way up the driveway. You all remember that my driveway is almost 1/4 mile long, right? It's also straight up...

Well, my friends, tomorrow I start a new athletic endeavor... I am taking an adult ballet class with three of my friends.
Don't you all pass out at once now...
Yes, I said ballet.
I know... You are all sitting there with your mouths agape simply staring at your screens.
Those of you who know me well, know that I'm the most ungraceful, unathletic klutz on the planet. I almost flunked P.E. - and not because I didn't change into my gym uniform!!
This ballet thing is frightening you, isn't it? Just know that the ballet lady tells me that all will be right with the world and that she's sure that she can handle my inabilities.
We'll see, won't we?


Jane said...

WOO HOO! Please, pretty please, post a picture of you in your tutu! Your public demands it. (Just playing, honey).
Sorry about your hip pain, I understand. I can't remember, but have you tried a chiropracter? I can't live without mine.

Meg said...

I'm with dubs...I'm jealous! I took ballet for many years when I was younger. I wish there was an adult class around here.

Even if you're a klutz, you will have a great time trying to do ballet. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Katherine said...

Ha, I was going to say I do that with my dog, too, but my driveway is a heck of a lot shorter than yours!! How was the class? That sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you're doing it with friends.

Just D said...

Oh you go girl! Ballet? Totally cool! BTW, I can't do yoga either...it makes me ache soooo bad! Weird.