Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About The Hair Monster?

When #1 was little, I decided that he needed his hair cut. It was long - too long for a boy aged 14 months. He looked like a girl!

I took him to a local salon. I was armed with toys, snacks, camera and the regular stuff in the diaper bag. The lady suggested he sit on my lap. She chatted with him and he seemed to be enjoying the show. He was fine until she started to cut his hair. Then, my friends, it was all over. He cried. He fussed. He moved. He got his hair cut, but it was not a fun time for anyone. I paid the lady and gave her a large tip. As I was on my way out the door, I heard a low mumble, "Don't ever let her bring him back here, puhleese." No fear... I'd never get him in there again, anyway. By the time #1 and I pulled out of our parking spot, I was a sweaty mess and he was asleep in his car seat.

The next time he needed a haircut, I took him to a different place. You would have thought I was taking him to the guillotine. He cried through the whole haircut - which lasted approximately 2.5 minutes. He really didn't have much hair. I paid the lady and gave her a big tip. When I left there, I was a dribble and #1 had a few hairs cut and a lollipop for my troubles. Well, that's another salon I can't ever enter again...

This scenario went on for months. I was running out of places to take him... Mr. kept telling me he was too little for the barber shop. I can't say I blame him for not wanting to take on the hair monster...

Finally, I found a stylist, T, who I loved. I'd gone to elementary and high school with her. She was an absolute peach!! She was cutting my hair and I was telling her about the bad experiences #1 had had. She told me to bring him in the next day at 4pm. T told me that #1 would be fine and that even if he acted up she would not be offended. We could try again another day. It took some convincing, but I finally agreed.

I got #1 up in the morning and explained that I had a friend, Miss T, who was going to cut his hair that afternoon. #1 is the kind of child that needs the schedule for the day set at breakfast (BTW - he still does!). I told him many times that morning that after nap, we would go to the hair dresser and Miss T would cut his hair.

He got up from his nap and hopped into the car. I brought some snacks and some small toys. We arrived at the salon. When we walked in, Miss T came right over, got down on his level and introduced herself. He was immediately enthralled with her. I think this may have been the beginning of his first crush.

She had him sit in the chair by himself, because "You are 2 and boys that are 2 are big boys". I held my breath. She told him that her squirt bottle only squirted water on hair - but only if he was perfectly still. He sat. He did not move. She showed him her "magic scissors". She let him touch the handles. He was falling for her hard!! She had him!! She snipped his hair and gave him the best haircut he'd ever had. (Not that he'd ever had a great haircut!)

When she was done with the scissors she asked him if she could use the buzzer. He wasn't sure. Tears started to well in his eyes. (He was very afraid of the buzzer.) She showed it to him. She turned it on.
"No tankyou Miff T.", he sniffed around his ever present binky.
"Okay. Maybe another day we'll try that."
He was amazed. She didn't make him endure the noise of that scary buzzer thing.
When we left, he stood about 10 feet tall. He was very proud of himself. He kept saying, "Momma, I a big boy. I sit in the chair by mysewf. I get my hair cut wif Miss T. I yike her. I go back to see Miss T, k?"

After that, no one but Miss T. cut #1's hair. She cut his hair until he was about 5. He was ready to move on to the barber and she was going to stay home with her first baby.

Mr. was worried about #1's first visit to the barber. I decided to stay home. I'm not stupid! I'd done 4 years of haircuts - the last 3 were pretty good, but still.
He prepped #1.
"Only big kids get to go to the barber."
"Okay, Dad. I'm big, right?"
"You need to sit very still."
"The buzzer is the same kind Miss T. used on your hair. It's just a little noisier."
"Ummm... okay."
I waved goodbye. I hoped this would work out... There were only two barbers in town...
When they returned, I had 2 well coiffed men. Both were laughing. #1 had lollipops - one in his mouth and one for his sister.

We had finally tamed the hair monster!!


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Clearlykels said...

Aww-- too cute. I'm glad the hair monster has been tamed. I am even more glad that he keeps it up. Too bad some of his friends don't feel the same way about getting their haircut:-)Missed you yesterday.

Unknown said...

I loved that story! My son was 15 months when he got his first haircut. He won't sit in the chair by himself. He tries to climb down and get tries to grab her comb to brush his own hair!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

This memory would be good for any time of the week/year. Thanks.

Unknown said...

What a great story LadyBug. I love the walks down memory lane.

Jake Silver said...

I'm glad my son didn't fuss with his first haircut. His Mommie buzzed it short and he was fine.

Norma said...

I'd like to take my boy to the barber today, but at 38, they resist even more than a 1 year old!
Great story.

My MM is up.

Melli said...

BOY did YOU get off easy!!! My youngest was NINE before he quit crying for haircuts! And then only because we bought a set of clippers and I just buzzed him myself at home! He was FINE for me.... He's never been back to a barber since -- we either buzz him -- or he get BAD mom haircuts! But HE's happy! (and he's 17!!!)

Melzie said...

Oh gosh! I had teh same issues with N! But, I never took him back, and instead bought the studd, and cut his hair myself. :) LOL! We needed a Miss T :)