Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Rest of the Story

Okay... So I go to school yesterday and lo and behold, I still have a job. It seems that the kids who went to the counselor pulled a fast one. Just as I thought they did.

They told us that they had to see the counselor. When they arrived, the counselor wasn't expecting them and told them to go back to class. They did NOT go back to class. They hung around and waited for her.

The big hulabaloo was over the fact that the kid's parents knew that the kid went to the counselor, not that the kid skipped class or tried to pull a fast one. So - now we have a new rule. If a kid wants to see the counselor, they have to see the C (my director) and she will call over to make sure the kid is expected down there.

I told C that we'd have to send the kids in pairs, because once they leave the classroom, I have no idea if they went where they said they were going. Right now, they are trying to get out of class so they can wander the halls and hide in the bathrooms. I also found out that they ask to go to the bathroom so that they can use their cell phones and "meet each other". So much for private school!!


Kimberly said...

What a crazy mess! You'd better still have your job...holy cow. Aren't you glad we have our kids in the right school?


Enjoy the ice!

Katherine said...

Just unreal. Guess I was a really naive child; I would never have been so sneaky.