Wednesday, February 21, 2007

She's a Zero

I took LLB to get some pants with legs long enough to go past her ankles. It was a sorry sight around here for a while! Those poor little scrawny ankles peeking out from the bottom of her jeans. They were calling to me, "Ladybug, please, it's cold! Get this child some new pants!! We're turning blue down here!!"

I originally thought she'd make it to the warm weather and I could hold off purchasing new jeans/pants until fall. Those blue ankles got to me. I couldn't take it!

We went to our neighborhood Kohls and hit the sale rack. Hmmm... what size? Grambug suggested 0 and 1. They looked about right. Grambug and I found every size 0 and 1 and piled it on top of a cart. LLB kept saying, "That's enough... No more... Really, that's enough." We didn't listen to her, we just kept piling. When we were sure she couldn't see over the top of the cart - or around it for that matter, we told her she could go try it all on.

Yes, we are cruel.
Yes, we helped her.
She must have tried on 25 pair of pants in sizes 0 - 3.

I never knew who wore a size 0. Now I do. LLB wears a size 0. She has no butt, no hips and legs up to her neck. Women who tell you they wear a zero - they lie - they have erased the 1 in front of the 0. There is no way anyone who has any curves whatsoever, could squeeze themselves into those pants!

But I digress...

We walked away with 4 pair of pants, 2 blazers, and 4 or 5 turtleneck sweaters for her, 2 pair of cords for the Mr., and 4 pair of jeans for the boy - oh and a pair of pants for me for less than $150. I think we did okay.

When I went to put her things in her closet I noticed that it was pretty full. I went through it and removed all the things that don't fit anymore. I have started listing the good stuff on ebay if any of you are interested. You can check it out here.

I've got so much stuff that I'll be listing some more today and tomorrow as well... Most of it is LLB's Hanna Andersson stuff. I'm so sad to see it go, but... she's growing up. I'll have to put on my big girl panties and deal, I guess...


Kim said...

Don'cha just love Kohl's? I think you did great. It's so odd to watch them grow up in front of your eyes like that. Thanks for the giggle about size 1/10, lol.

Clearlykels said...

You are an excellent shopper. I am very impressed. All of that for $150. Amazing. I am very impressed.

Joan said... belong to the Shopper Extraordinaire definitely did "OK." And I commend LLB for her patience and willingness to try on so many outfits...that's the part I hate about shopping.

Unknown said...

Well, at least she's growing taller.

Ladybug - I used to wear a size 0, until I was about thirty years old. Those days are gone.

Reese said...

Um hello??? What kohls is this!? Great deals!

Melzie said...

Never ever will I be that small. Ever. :) heck, I can't recall me ever being the "1" in front, LOL!!