Monday, February 05, 2007

What a Weekend!

I forgot how much furniture and stuff the Grandbugs own... I remember quite well now, though. They are still unpacking and shifting things around.

Auntie's antique pineapple bed looks terrific in the loft! It looks cozy and comfy. It will look even better with bedding and the extra furniture out of there. The twin white iron beds are all made up in the guest room and they look sweet! That room, too, will look better when all the boxes are out of there.

We had a small crisis yesterday. It seems that the phone jacks in the house aren't working. The only one that does work is the one in the kitchen. That is NOT a good thing. Grambug is furious. I can't say I blame her. We will be calling the phone company and the builder today... We don't know if it is because we have "temporary" phone service or if it is something else.

On our side of the door things are terrific. LLB has most of her furniture and her room looks great! We have to swap one dresser - the movers gave her the wrong one. #1 has his new mattress and box spring. He is a happy camper.

#1 had District Band this past weekend. The kids spent all day Friday and all day Saturday practicing. They had a concert on Saturday evening and it was terrific! Those kids worked hard and it showed! Mr. Bug, Grambug, and I were very impressed with their performance.

After the concert, we thought we'd hit Costco for pizza. (We are such big spenders!!) Guess what? Costco closes at 6pm on Saturday. Who knew?? We ended up at our favorite burger joint instead. LLB and Grandpa had stayed behind because LLB had a really nasty cold that had her napping in her bed at lunchtime, and curled up on the couch when we left.

Last night, #1 had a Super Bowl Party to attend. He went to his buddy's house and had a great time with a terrific bunch of kids. I was allowed to stay and chat with his friend's mom. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I never get to say more than a few words at one time to her because we are usually both running. It was really nice to sit and chat.

I guess that catches you all up on our comings and goings...


Katherine said...

Wow, another busy weekend at LBC!! Do you all ever just lay around? :)

Renee Nefe said...

sounds like a busy weekend. hope the phones are working soon.

Bluepaintred said...

too busy to exercise for comments??LOL

Susan said...

It's exciting that they are "in" now...hope all goes well as you continue to unpack boxes. It's exciting, I'm sure.

Have a great week.

:-) Susan

Norma said...

I was looking through your list on TT and the lovely photo you posted of the bedroom. Lots of memories here, even if this isn't an MM.

Today's Monday Memories is about a lost friendship.

Renee Nefe said...

Yes, I'll be posting pictures of our flower girl as soon as I can after the big day. I'll also post pictures of the bride & groom (they are such a cute couple!!!)

I'm really hoping that SIL makes the dresses...but Island Girl assures me that the pattern is very easy to make.