Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancin' The Night Away

The Cotillion Ball was yesterday.

LLB went early and #1 went late. Someday - I don't know when - they might be able to go together...

Here's LLB:

This dress came all the way from D. Thanks, D!

LLB and HP had a wonderful time at the ball. They laughed and chatted and generally enjoyed themselves. It seems that they were the only two chatting at their table. Here they are as they are waiting to say goodbye to the hostess:

At the end of the ball, the dads got to dance with the daughters and the moms got to dance with their sons. LLB got to dance with her Grandpa and her Dad. When asked who was the better dancer, she replied, "Grandpa"without any hesitation. So, if anyone is looking for a great dance partner, give Grandpa Bug a call!!

Here's #1:

He looks terrific, doesn't he?
I know - they'd both look so much better with heads and faces...

I got to dance with #1. His comment, as he escorted me to the dance floor was, "Real men dance with their moms." He sure does make me laugh!!

#1 was asked to be a Cotillion Assistant next year. He is thrilled! What warm blooded American teenager wouldn't be thrilled? A room full of beautiful girls -- He's so there!!


Joan said...

I've never been to a cotillion but it sounds like a wonderful event for the whole family. What could be bad...great clothes, dancing!!! I'm glad everyone had such a good time.

craziequeen said...

ooh - don't they look lovely..even without heads :-)

LLB looks adorable with her escort, I hope HP was a gentleman :-)

#1 is a natural in front of the camera, full modelling pose :-)

Thanks for the photos, Missee Bug...

Granpa Bug - save a dance for the Brit!


Katherine said...

Wow, they look so grown up! Even without faces. :) How proud you must be!

Melli said...

Ohhhh well yea... heads and stuff... eh! They both looked QUITE spiffy!!! I bet they had a blast! And I'm IMPRESSED! Cuz most young men his age would NEVER admit to having enjoyed this!!! YAY #1!!!

Clearlykels said...

YAY! How exciting they both look so great. Ha ha, and I know exactly what smile #1 had in that pose. Hilarious. They crack me up.