Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fire In The Hole!

An eccentric old lady decided to futz with the voting. It seems she wanted to even things out... Why? I dunno... maybe her husband was losing because his chili was not as good as Mr. Bug's... But anyway, at the last tally, Mr. was in first place and my friend JW was in second.

Today is the Chili Cook-off to benefit Habitat!

Mr. Bug has made his world famous chili and is entering it in the cook-off today.

Mr. takes such pride in his chili - I sure hope he wins. He even made corn bread to go with it!! Everyone who eats his chili loves it.

Except me.
I serve chili.
I sniff chili.
I feel chilly.
I don't eat chili.
It smells wonderful, but all those beans make me gag!


Joan said...

I sure hope Mr. Bug wins with his world famous chili recipe. I'm with you though...for some reason, chili and I just dont get along. The cornbread, however, sounds wonderful and I probably could eat all of it all by myself!

Unknown said...

I like chilli, I'll take the leftovers off your hands. I hope he won, if not, at least he has some chillui to eat.

Kim said...

very good luck to Mr. B. I love contests such as this! I love chili, and so do all the boys in my house. Actually, I think they love the side effects of chili WAY more than the actual eating of chili... if ya know what I mean.

Susan said...

We may just be related!! I love the smell of chili...but I cannot STAND the beans!! My DH usually makes me a beanless pot when he cooks it.

Hope he won.

:-) Susan