Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wet Anything - eewww.

My friend J, the Ski Bunny, and I were chatting on the phone last night. We were trying to figure out why we both have an aversion to wet paper, soggy sandwiches, and moist plastic wrap. Yes, we are weird and we know it...

Ski Bunny and I grew up living next door to each other and have stayed friends all these years. She's my closest childhood friend and is one of the funniest people I know.

We went on a trip from New England to Florida - 5 kids - aged 3 to 11 - and 2 moms in one station wagon (the dads had to work). The moms packed a cooler full of tuna, egg salad, and pb&j sandwiches - they were made on finger rolls, each in its own baggie, and they were gorgeous. There must have been 100 sandwiches in that cooler!!

The first day, the sandwiches were great. The second day, the ice was starting to melt and the sandwiches - and the bags, well, they were getting a little soggy from the condensation. Both mothers deny this, but we remember skipping the sandwiches and passing them off to the resident little brother who's most famous line on that trip was, "Hey, you gonna eat that?"

The wet paper stems from the napkins being umm... damp as well. We don't do that sort of thing. As a matter of fact - it makes us want to hurl just thinking about it.

To this day neither of us can stand soggy sandwiches. Italian subs - light on the oil, one or two pickles only, and you gotta eat it right then. Meatball subs - not too much sauce and if the bun get soggy, the meatballs get eaten with a fork and the roll gets tossed. PB&J - the peanut butter goes on both slices of bread and the jelly gets put in the middle. She only eats tuna on toast. See, I told you we were weird.

So - if you wanna have lunch, that's great. Just make sure the sandwiches aren't soggy and that the napkins are dry.


Katherine said...

So nice to have a friend that shares your quirks! I also really dislike moist plastic wrap--it's just icky.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...I have the same type of quirks for very very similar reasons.

Also, I have a very very hard time eating cottage cheese. Wanna know why?

Because my mom put plastic ants in ours one time as joke.

It took my sis almost 6 years to eat cottage cheese again. And every now and then...we just can't do it (at least not without digging through it first ;-) )

Joan said...

Wet soggy sandwiches...ugh. My favorite sandwich is the tuna melt because grilling the bread helps keep if from getting icky...oh, and it tastes soooo good too.