Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There are certain things in my life that totally irritate me when they malfunction.

The phone.
They came to fix the phone yesterday and found that when they trenched the Grandbugs' phone, they cut our line. Really? I'm shocked... Ummm... No, I'm not. So, now I have a temporary phone line that runs up my driveway and across the front yard. But, I do have a functioning phone. It's not pretty, but it works. I just hope they come back and bury it before Mr. has to mow the lawn...

My computer.
Did you know that a lithium battery can bring my computing world to a dead stop? But, for $15, I can have my machine up and running in seconds. We have so many power failures that I use 1 lithium battery each year. Alas, it's a small price to pay and at least it's something I can fix. And, really, if this is the only issue I have with my sweet Mac... I can most certainly deal.

My children.
I'm a worry wart especially when it comes to the children. I don't do sick kids. I like them healthy, thankyouverymuch. I got a call from school to go and get LLB because she had a slight tummy ache. Something told me to get her in to the doctor's office. Sure enough... she has strep. She's still asleep, so I guess she really doesn't feel all that great. She will stay home today, but you can bet your sweet bippy she'll be back to school tomorrow.

My cats.
Why is it that they can spend all day outside and then beg to come in to use the litter box? And miss?? I don't do cat pee on the floor. If they are outside, why can't they pee in the bushes like any other cat or dog? Oh and ticks - I don't do ticks. I spend way to much of Mr.'s hard earned cash on flea and tick stuff to have to get a tick off of a cat. (I had to get a tick off of Angel last night!) The whole thing is just eeewwww!

The dog.
What's with the barking? I didn't sign up for a dog that barks at NOTHING. If there was something to bark at like say, a visitor, a car, a squirrel, a deer - okay, but to stand at the door and bark at air is simply irritating to the rest of us.

So, what irritates you?

Oh and one more thing... My blogroll just doesn't work right. Now THAT irritates me. How can I possibly know if someone has updated their blog if it doesn't show up on the blogroll?? UGH!! I miss some wicked good posts because of blogroll.... Alas, I'll just have to check every blog every day... or you can leave me comments and I'll come and visit.


Susan said...

I am SO THERE for you on the Blogroll thing! Mine wasn't working in like forever then suddenly I played with some of my preferences over there and it started working. I don't get it. I still scroll through pretty much every one every day.

Hope your LLB feels better soon.

Have a great day.

:-) Susan

craziequeen said...

My blogroll is kinda doing its own thing these days as well :-(

But the rest of your life sounds amazingly wonderful and challenging, babes!! :-)


Melli said...

Ohhhhkay! Well, I'm certainly with ya on the dog.... mine does the same thing and one of these days either hubby or eldest boy is going to wring her neck bare handed! *sigh* Sorry to here LLB is streppy... hope she feels WELL enough to go back to school tomorrow ... might want to give her til Friday... Just sayin'...

BUT... I can help with the blogroll thing... not HELP with IT - but offer a back-up -- that would be Google Reader. I LOVE having my friends blogs all in that reader - I know USUALLY the minute they update! SOMEtimes I don't get an update for a few hours... and it seems to always be the same blogs that that happens to -- but nonetheless I always get them within a 24 hour time frame! I highly recommend Google Reader! YES. *nods*

Dixie said...

I hate drivers who don't drive right. I get all potty mouth while driving. My best friend refuses to talk to me on the phone while I'm driving. She says she's not sure if I'm cussing her or some random driver.

kristi said...

I hate, hate hate when people drive on my butt on an unpassable road. What do they want me to do. GAAHH! I hate being transferred calls at work that I don't have a clue about, but the person who transferred it doesn't want to freaking deal with it. Lastly, I hate whiney kids and husbands, and mine do this almost daily!