Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Identity Theft Continued

The saga continues...

#1 brought his lunch to school every day except Friday last week. When he went out the door, I told him to bring his ID with him to lunch because they were going to ask for it.

He arrived at the cafeteria, went through the line, got to the checkout station and they did NOT ask for ID. He was a little disappointed...

I called the School Nutrition office on Monday. The lady told me that he purchased lunch on Friday. Yes... that is correct. Then she told me that he purchased lunch on Monday. I told her he did not. He carried his lunch on Monday and he has 4th lunch. I also told her that they did not ask for ID on Friday. The lady told me she'd get back to me.

She called me back. She was upset. (I don't know why she was so upset -- it is MY money!) The cafeteria ladies had the perpetrator in their grasp and he got away! The kid did NOT have his ID and feigned confusion. They took him to a teacher/administrator to be identified. The kid bold faced lied and told the administrator that he was #1. The administrator obviously does not know #1 or this kid. He let the kid buy lunch. The way it is supposed to work is that if the administrator does not know a kid, he is supposed to look him up - you know... find his picture. The Cafeteria lady is mad now - she was snowed by a snot nosed kid!

So... here we are... another $5 down. All I know is that they had better catch that kid soon. I want my money back!!

I told #1 to go to the cafeteria this morning and find the lady in charge. I told him to very politely introduce himself so they know what he looks like. This whole thing is crazy!!!

My poor #1 - 9th grade and he's already had his identity stolen. What else is this sneaky thief going to steal? #1's SAT scores??


Shortie said...

My reaction went something like this--- FOR REAL? LOL! Oh my. I'm so sorry. What happened next....????

MaR said...

This is truly annoying. Keep us posted, I want to know the bad kid gets caught!

Clearlykels said...

seriously-- this kid is actually lying and saying he is #1, not ok.