Thursday, May 28, 2009

Internet Safety

I'm very particular about what gets posted on the internet about my children. You'll never see their faces and their real names together on the page. You'll never see any physical location with their names and faces together, either. This is why I was BLOWN AWAY by the ballet lady's daughter posting LLB's real full name, picture, and show location on her F*cebook page.
I had logged on to my FB page to check in that morning and there was LLB's gorgeous face staring out at me as part of this other girl's photo album. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing correctly. I almost blew a gasket at 5:30am. Believe me, if it hadn't been so stinking early, I would have called their house and let them all have it - ballet lady included.
Not only was LLB's face smiling back at me, there were also some other girls from the studio.
I emailed the ballet lady's daughter and the ballet lady and asked them very nicely to take the picture of LLB down. (Yes, it took a lot of control on my part.) When I ranted to Mr. as he shuffled toward the coffee pot, he became instantly alert. Mr. was not happy. At. ALL.
The ballet lady's daughter took the pictures down, but she really doesn't understand why I was so upset. She doesn't understand that there are crazy people out there. I'd like my child to grow up without having to worry about stalkers and pedophiles, thankyouverymuch. When you put a face and a name and a location of something that will happen in the future - like a ballet show - you've given them all the information they need. Call me paranoid. I'm fine with it.
When we advertise the ballet shows, we don't put the kids' pictures in the newspapers, on any advertising, or on the internet... EVER. So - Why would some 20 year old think it's okay to put MY kid's image on the internet with geographic information??
Yes, because she's young and stupid.
But, she can be stupid with her own image...

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