Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Central

Why is it that teachers decide to assign projects for the last couple of weeks of school? My house - which was all tidy last weekend - is now completely covered in various stages of projects. It hurts me to think that my house was so lovely such a short time ago... These teachers had better appreciate these projects and reward my offspring - and my patience - with nothing but A's!

LLB has to make a game for science (which in theory is a great project - just not right now). There are question cards piled all over my counter. There are various sized paper crumbs in a multitude of colors strewn from one end of the family room to another. AND she hasn't even started on the game board portion! I think she's saving that for this evening or all day tomorrow. I'm absolutely thrilled... NOT!

#1 has another paper due for World History 2AP. This one is on Richard Miller - the FBI Agent convicted of espionage. Just so you know, there is very little information available out there on that man, but whatever could be found is currently all over my dining room - the dining room that was clean just a few days ago...

There are other projects in the works - I know there is an Italy project somewhere in the Precambrian layer. LLB needs a few things from me to get that ready to be packed up including a red and white checked table cloth and cheezy Italian music. Don't ask. Just be glad you won't have to put up with Funiculi Funicula or O Sole Mio for 45 min. of class time. Fortunately for the kids in that class, she's bringing in Italian bread and garlic oil appetizers. They can dip their bread in garlic oil and stuff it in their ears. (Well, that's what I'd do). As for the teacher - I hope she has Funiculi Funicula stuck in her head for the entire summer!

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