Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Day with LLB

Yesterday I got to spend the day - well, most of it, with LLB. She doesn't do roller coasters and the 8th grade field trip was to a roller coaster park. There is no point in paying $55 for the child to stand around and wait for her friends. I can put that $55 to good use and get some time with her. :-)
We went to the movies and saw Angels and Demons. It was a very good and well done movie, but it was different from the book. We spent much of our commuting time discussing the differences.

We hit the store to look for a bathing suit for LLB. At the camp she is going to be volunteering, she has a bathing suit dress code we have to follow. I think we did okay. We found a black halter tankini that looks good and keeps her covered while giving her a little bit of style. (I would have preferred the one piece fishy suit we saw in the baby section, but she's too big for that anymore...)

Then we went to the shoe store. LLB is all girl and she loves her shoes. I got off easy with only 3 pair tucked under her arm. But, I will say that I kept the time in the store extremely limited.

We had a lovely time together. We chatted. We laughed. It was a very nice day...

Last night our family met HP and his family for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse restaurant to finally celebrate LLB's birthday. The food was yummy and the company terrific! I can't wait to do it again. We always have great fun with HP and his family.

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