Friday, May 08, 2009

mmm... Chocolate!

We are off to Hershey Park tomorrow!

LLB has her last middle school band competition. She and her classmates have practiced hard and are ready to score a first place trophy. Wish us luck!

We have to be at school at 4:30am. That, my friends, is down right EARLY!

Gram and I made 100 goody bags for the people riding the buses. They are currently packed in my car along with 4 cases of water. At least we won't starve!

The camera is charged and ready to go. I figure I'll take 300 pictures or so... Unless I decide to leave the camera on the bus and just have fun. :-) Nah! I can't do that. I need the pictures. It's all about the scrapbook.

The band shirts and jeans are hung for easy access in the dark. The socks have been tucked into the tennies. We are prepared! We can get up, throw our clothes and glasses on, grab a cup of tea, and run out the door.

LLB is very excited for this trip. She has already asked if she can go up and accept the trophy. She was first to ask, and therefore will be the one to fetch it. The shutter will be snapping - a LOT!!

So, if you need me tomorrow, you know where to find me... I'm the crazy person in burgundy.

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