Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm behind.
Okay... I'm very behind in my scrapbooking.
I am going to start getting my pictures in order so I can crop them...
Baby steps...
I like to crop them before I put them in the book - it works better for me that way.
#1 has a sectional at the school and of course he needs an adult present.  I figure I can crop and get the pix in order in that hour and a half...
Then - when the kids are off at camp - after I shovel out their rooms, of course - I'll get down to putting the pictures in the book. This is the part takes me forever. I can slice and dice a picture in a split second, but how it gets placed on the page is such a challenge. (Not that anyone but me really cares!!)
But, I'm running out of time.
I've got to get caught up!

#1 is graduating next spring and I need to be caught up so that I can put his books out during his party - you know... to totally embarrass the poor kid.


craziequeen said...

I have such a bad rep with crafty things - such bad hand eye co-ordination and not an arty bone in my body.....I even had my friend scrapbook my cats! :-)

I bet they will be gorgeous scrapbooks and will suitably embarrass #1 :-)
Well, he'll do it to his kids in the next generation - it's only fair :-)


Ellen said...

I just set up a photo montage through iphoto on my computer. That was the best way - it rotated through the photos and the music was Dancing Queen by Abba. Everyone liked stopping by for a moment to see what came up next.

Also, I didn't have to admit that while my photos have been organized and boxed by month and year - I don't have a single scrapbook!