Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Miss Dotty Gets A Gift

Our guinea pig, Miss Dotty, received her Christmas gift early. We couldn't wait to give it to her. Are we nuts? You think we could wait a week! Nope, nobody here at LadyBug Crossing could or would even DREAM of waiting. We gave her a Rollin' the Hay. Now, don't you go gettin' your knickers in a twist!! This is a G-rated site. It's a hay ball. She can eat her hay whenever she wants and she won't have stepped on it or pooped in it or anything. Good clean hay - I'm told there's nothing better if you are a guinea pig. This little hay ball makes her work for her hay. We need to challenge her and keep her mind active. Heaven forbid she get bored and spend her life lounging around her crate doing nothing...

She loves it!

It pays to be a pig at LadyBug Crossing!!

Miss Angel is waiting patiently for the big guy. She's so dainty.

On Christmas day at LadyBug Crossing, each animal gets their favorite treat. The cats get real tuna and Dotty will get some fruit. Do you give your pets presents at Christmas? Do you give them a special treat?

Mr. Marmadoo just wants his treats NOW!!

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