Saturday, December 24, 2005

We had an Open House at LadyBug Crossing last night. We even had a few real live lady bugs flittering around!

We served ham rolls, sushi, kielbasa, MisterBug's famous chili, and a bunch of other yummy items. If you are feeling a hungry in your tummy, please drop on by for leftovers. We'll fix you up a ham roll - lickety split!

MommaK dropped by with her family. We always have fun with them! Little LadyBug had a marvelous time playing with the girls, as she enjoys their company immensely.

LadyBug's parents met many of the neighbors and church friends. The 'rents tell me that they still want to join us here permanently, so I guess they weren't frightened off. The people here in our little town are a really fun, highly educated, eclectic bunch! The LadyBug could hear the Mister laughing most of the evening, and can only imagine the stories and jokes that were swapped.

Tonight is our Christmas Eve service. The children are both participating - Little LadyBug is reading as well as playing trumpet and handbells. #1 Son is an acolyte - we thought he might get to sit with the family, but... He also has a reading. We keep them busy!! LadyBug will be busy ringing handbells - I love to ring on Christmas Eve. I haven't done it in years!

MisterBug's family hails from the great white North. His family's tradition is Reveillon. They go to church at midnight. When they arrive home, Santa has already been there and they stay up all night eating and opening presents. We won't be staying up all night, but we will stay up late enough to place the "Joyeux Noel Phone Call". LadyBug still likes to open her presents in the AM.

It is an evening of quiet aniticipation...
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



Kimberly said...

Thank you for a wonderful time last night!! Marry Christmas :) xoxox

Leanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! Have a wonderful Christmas evening and Merry Christmas to the Bugs!

Uisce said...

I love that tip! And I hope you're having a great Christmas Day!!

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