Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Musical Update

Little LadyBug was invited to play her trumpet with the Brass Band on Christmas Eve. She just started playing the trumpet this summer and is very nervous about performing with a more "professional" group. We figure if all she does is hit the first note in every measure, she's doing well. Her practicing today sounds pretty good - I recognize some of it! I'll keep you posted on her progress.

#1 Son is auditioning for District Band. When the notice came home I asked "What is this? What do you have to do? Do you have to memorize a piece of music?" His answer was, "Nah! All you have to do is play some scales and sight read some music." Sounds easy, doesn't it? Fortunately, #1 Son is very good at both of these things. He doesn't seem to get nervous. He usually remains cool as a cucumber and plays quite well. I am the nervous nelly. Auditioning is such a subjective sport. He is not concerned in the least -- If he makes District - fine. If he doesn't make District - fine. He knows we will always consider him our #1 Sax player!

LadyBug is ready for her handbell performances. I enjoy directing, but ringing is so much more fun. I enjoy hearing the bells around me and feeling the heft of them in my hands. The bigger and the louder the bell, the happier I am. LadyBug likes to ring loud and often!! Ringing the bells at Christmas time is just the best!!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a lovely weekend.



Kimberly said...

What a musical bunch. Pretty soon you'll be able to take your show on the road:)

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