Saturday, December 31, 2005

We Can Sit!

Oh happy day!! The couch has finally arrived!

We can plunk our butts! We can ring in the New Year seated in comfort - not smooshed together and/or perched with part of one butt cheek bearly grasping a sliver of cushion.

I ordered my couch on the internet from and I would do it again. I got exactly what I wanted, paid half the price, and didn't have to drive 100+ miles to find something I liked. I shopped one evening while wearing my fuzzy sweats and sipping on a Corona. My family shopped with me - gathered around the screen. We looked at couch styles and measured our space. We could see how much room this new piece would take up in our not so spacious family room. It was terrific. The fabric selection was simple. We wanted denim - nothing too dramatic here at LadyBug Crossing!

My extended family was skeptical... "How do you know if it is comfortable? How do you know if the color is "right"? Any hidden costs? What if it isn't what you wanted?" I was not worried.

When the couch was ready to ship, they sent me this picture! Can you even believe it?!?

The couch is here, it is comfortable, the fabric is perfect, and if you'd like to come by and sit a while, we'd love to have you!


1 comment:

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