Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thirteen Things about LadyBug's Handbells

1…. Handbell Ringing is a team sport.

2.... Handbells can be and are rung year round - not just at Christmas.

3.... Yesterday my Middle School Handbell Choir had a concert for their peers. They did a great job!

4.... I do not like to carry handbell equipment.

5.... Handbell equipment is really really heavy! I don't remember it being this heavy when I was younger...

6.... Handbells are made of bronze.

7.... Handbell ringers wear gloves to protect their hands - not to protect the bells.

8.... Handbell ringers who don't wear gloves have to polish the handbells. I always have to polish the bells...

9.... Handbell ringers who want to ring all the bells themselves are called Bell Hogs. I am one of those people.

10.. There are two foundries in the US that make handbells. Both are in PA.

11.. Many different types of people ring handbells.

12.. I wish I had a set of handbells for my class so that we didn't have to share.

13.... How many angels get their wings when a handbell choir plays?

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    Dawn said...

    Out visiting the 13er's.

    Snow days are great! Here they are more like ice days though.

    Welcome to blogging!

    My 13 are up

    Holly said...

    Hi! I am here via MommaK. I remember the handbell choir (is that what a group of handbellers is called) from church around the holidays when I was growing up. Just beautiful.

    Here is my list:

    Jen said...

    What a fun 13! I remember being fascinated by the hand bells when they would play them at Christmas at my Grandma Perry's church. I would LOVE to see them again, and I'd really love to be able to play them. I wonder if anyone around here does that?

    My 13 is up:

    Lazy Daisy said...

    I live in the Shenandoah Valley! the only bell I ever rang was for the Salvation Army but I admire people who are musical.

    Just put up my first 13.

    http// Kathy

    Unknown said...

    I rang the bells last year!

    Trying to Catch Up: Thursday Thirteen: What I like about Christmas

    J&J's Mom said...

    I had a boyfriend who was in the Handbell choir at his church...I love them. Dumped him though. My Hubby is much cooler than he was...he doesn't play hand bells though.. oh well ;0) Happy snow day again tomorrow!!! I'm up with 13

    Raehan said...

    Gosh, I don't know anything about handbells. I was a choir person.

    One more Virginian, huh? Coming over from MommaK's but also for Thursday Thirteen.

    Anonymous said...

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