Friday, January 27, 2006

Fair Weather

I was just over at Mar's place where she was asking what kind of weather we think we are.

Little LadyBug was standing here and I asked her what kind of weather she thought she was. She thought for a moment and said, "hmmm... I'm... Sunny.

Now, no one on the face of the earth loves snow more than my Little LadyBug. I figured she'd say snow. When she didn't say snow, I was surprised.

I said, "I thought you'd say snow."
I paused and then answered, "Well, you are a little flakey!"

She giggled and then thought about it…

(The smile went to a good natured frown)

“Mom! I don’t bump into walls anymore – that was a pole I bumped into yesterday!”

See what I mean?


Katherine said...

Wow, that child is just too precious.

MaR said...

Cute story!! I have posted pictures of snowy Spain today!

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