Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you Why My Toenails Hurt?

Yesterday we painted our new office. It is the room that connects our house with the addition for the GrandBugs. We chose Benjamin Moore Powell Buff for the walls and China White for the trim and doors. I started with the trim because that is the hardest stuff to do and I hate it - Oh and because it was a hideous shade of colonial blue. I had primed most of it a couple of weeks ago, but the blue just didn't want to go away. Mr. Moore and I fixed that!! An hour or so later, I finally finished the trim. (I know you usually do the walls and then the trim, but we did it backwards this time!) Mr. Bug told me that he'd help with the walls.

We did two coats on the walls with only a couple of mishaps. We were painting the walls and we were on the first coat. I mentioned that the builder we are using told me that he could have someone come and paint the whole interior - including all the lovely blue trim that can be found in every single room in our home - for about $5k. It sounded pretty reasonable to me. (Unfortunately this room just couldn't wait for a year or longer for us to save up.) Mr. Bug asked me if we could just have them paint the ceilings and we could do the rest. Not 2 seconds later, he stepped on my paint tray and flipped it. He immediately changed his mind and told me to hire someone to do the rest! I think his exact words were, "Who am I kidding? I'm a walking disaster!" We laughed, wiped up the mess, and started saving!

We have two closets with bifold doors in that room. We got the doors off no problem - it was a matter of seconds and we had them off and in the garage. I painted them in the garage - it was hot and humid out there - because I couldn't risk dripping any more paint on the brand new hardwood floors. I was getting tired, but I wanted that foolish room done! Okay - I was exhausted... I did two coats on each door. Mr. Bug and I hauled them back in a couple of hours later - after I did 2 loads of laundry.

Between us we have enough education to enlighten just about anyone. It took us at least 15 minutes of serious contemplation to figure out how those stupid doors went back on! I was pooped and had no patience left. He was feeling totally inept. Fortunately for us, he was on the right track. (No pun intended!) Once we got the first door up, the second should have been a little quicker... It was... a little bit... that one didn't line up as nicely, so it took us a few tries to get it right.

The room is done! I even put the valance up on the window before I hauled my tired and sorry butt up the stairs to bed. I flopped onto the bed and that's when I felt it. My whole body was tired, but my toenails actually ached. There was no physical reason for them to ache. I didn't wear tight shoes - I wore Tevas all day!! They were throbbing - all 10 of them. Not my toes. Not my feet. My.Toenails. Geeze, I sure am an oddball!! I told Mr. Bug about my affliction. Mr. Bug looked at me with that "OMG, she's finally lost it" look. Then he grinned and shook his head. I think that's when he finally realized he's married to a nut!

Today every muscle hurts and I ache all over, but my toenails are fine thankyouverymuch!!


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Renee Nefe said...

where are the pictures? Not of the toenails...hee hee

Actually I know that's from being on your feet all day and it is so painful. I find that a cold water soaking helps a lot.

And a nice hot shower works for the tired aching muscles. weird huh?

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Well just like me you overworked yourself...we think we can do it all but we can't. Thanks for stopping by and seeing me. Sandy