Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About Waiting for the School Bus?

As today is the first day of school, I thought I'd tell you about the children and the school bus.

We used to live on a very busy street. The street was a short cut between two major roads. The cars backed up because of the school bus and drivers became very impatient.

We were in the driveway watching the bus make progress up the street. The children would have to cross the street in front of the bus to get on. I didn't like this arrangement much, but the Director of Transportation assured me that there would be no problems. (He was an idiot and I knew that!)

The bus pulled up and put on the flashers. The stop sign popped out and the traffic was stopped. The bus driver motioned for the children to cross. Right then, the driver of the first car decided he wasn't going to wait for the bus. He started to go. Both children were right in front of him! I had my heart in my throat! The bus driver started beeping her horn and the guy stopped. He stopped, but his bumper touched LLB's jacket. Then, the bus driver started screaming at the driver - her words were colorful, but warrented. Then she got his license plate number.

I calmly waved to the children when they were safely ensconced in the bus. The driver and I shared a brief moment of relief as our eyes met. We would speak in the afternoon when the traffic was lighter and there was more time. (She would tell me that just the day before a child had been hit on a busy street on a different route in our town. That child went to the hospital. Fortunately, mine were unscathed.)

Then I went into the house and freaked! I called the Director of Transportation. I told him that I almost lost 2 children at once and that I wanted the stop moved to my side of the street. I think I may have been a little forceful. I may have even been just a tad bit rude. I got the stop moved.

Now we live in the country where the only thing we have to worry about at the bus stop is a puddle, a couple of deer crossing, or the little white dog who wants some lovin'. There is no traffic. There are no worries. :-)


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MaR said...

I remember the fear during those years...So happy nothing happened!! and that the bust stop got moved, to protect all children... Happy monday!

Katherine said...

OMG, what an awful experience! Glad you ripped the Director a new one and glad you don't have to deal with that situation anymore!

Susan said...

Some bus stops are so dangerous!! Hope the kids had a great first day of school.

Have a great week!!