Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Did This Week

1. Went to Ballet Class - and survived. I even had a "lightbulb moment". The ballet teacher was telling us which butt muscles to use and then she casually mentioned not to use the upper butt muscles. She pointed - as I would do for you, but you can't see me. OMG! I totally got it! I relaxed those muscles and guess what?!! Some of my hip pain dissipated almost immedately. I've been using the wrong rear end muscles!! Who would have known?? Certainly not me! And it's my butt!!

2. Dealt with the builder who doesn't do email very well. He called to tell me that the email I sent to him was incomplete. HAH! He just didn't like the dollar figure in that email!

3. Cleaned Pumpernickel's crate. Did laundry. Started some crocheting for Christmas gifts.

4. Walked Zebbie - at least one mile every day for the past week. Yes, my pants are starting to fit better...

5. Went to my Handbell Directors' Conference and loved every single minute of it.

6. I took LLB to the pediatrician so he could look at the mole on her hand. He says it's fine, but that we can have it removed. I'll be calling the dermatologist real soon.

7. I described to my students how to practice handbells without actually owning a set. I showed them how they can use spoons, paintbrushes, or whatever they happen to have at home. Personally, I think they think I'm totally nuts. I just may be!!

8. I called Mr. Bug a Cupie Doll. I think I need to explain this one. Mr. Bug is balding - ever so "slightly" (read more than he knows). He was up on the hill with the dog the other morning. His curls were standing on end - they were just blowing in the wind. His belly was sticking out and he really and truly looked just like a cupie doll. I tried to be good. I really did! And then it just slipped out.. I called him a Cupie Doll. I still think it is pretty funny!! Fortunately for me, he has a sense of humor!!

9. Told #1 Son how proud I am of him for his efforts at school. The boy works very hard for every grade he gets. He is currently managing all A's and football. Today he came out of practice - loaded down with books and stinky smelly things - and the first words out of his mouth were, "Hey, Mom. I got an A on my Spanish test!" I do so love that kid!! I would have high fived him, but that would have meant that I'd have to carry a smelly thing... Ummm.. NOT happening.

10. #1 Son will be playing Uncle Drosselmeyer in the Nutcracker this year. I called him from the ballet studio with the news last night. He was pumped!! Want tickets?

11. I worked at the ballet studio this week, too. I have to get Mr. Bug to join me there soon so he can move my desk. The way the desk is situated, it's really uncomfortable. I have to slink behind it to work. I'm thin, but I'm not that thin... I tried to move the desk myself, but it is HUGE and HEAVY. I need a Cupie Doll to move it for me. :-)

12. I helped LLB with her trumpet music. Some of those rhythms can be tricky. We worked them out together. BTW: She's got great sound coming out of that thing!!

13. Went to lunch with Mr. Bug today. We met for chinese at our local chinese food joint. It was pretty good, but wow, I'm thirsty!!

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Jane said...

Cool, I'm first. You certainly had a busy week. Lunch with Mr. Bug, that's nice.
Thanks for stopping by my T13. Have a great day.


That seemed to be a very busy week for you.
Mine's up too.

Anonymous said...

busy, busy you are.
me, i layed low this week...have a killer head cold and we are sgtill sad about my father in law.
my tt is up.

Carmen said...

there are right and wrong butt muscles? great. who knew? :)

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Wow!! It is a wonder that you find the time for TT..Mine is up..this was a stretch for me this week...visit and you will see why!! You make me tired. I thought I was BUSY!! GUESS NOT!! I am off to bible study now....Have another FUN DAY!!

Anonymous said...

Going out for chinese is my dh's favorite spot. I like it too but if I pick, it's mexican!

My list is up.

Katherine said...

Um so there are supposed to be muscles in my butt? Geez, gotta hit the treadmill. I do walk the dog every day - twice - but he stops so often to ah, mark, that it can't be counted as aerobic exercise!

Anonymous said...

Love you're T13. Sounds like you have a great family :)

Susan said...

Awww...again, you are SO busy...but, yes, let's go shopping sometime! I think it is so cool that your kids are so well-rounded...ballet, music, football, etc. I think that makes for a neat human being. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I'm late again. Sorry.

There are more than one set of butt muscles? (Other than left and right)

Am I gonna have to come up there and kick your builder's butt?

Better to be safe than sorry with LLB's mole..that's for sure!

Cupie Doll? LMAO

Yay!!! #1 son sounds like a great kid!