Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

LLB's furniture is in. I haven't taken down her 80's wall paper, but it looks pretty good with the old fashioned furniture. I will take it down and paint this summer.

She's still contemplating her bedding and therefore wall color. We are kinda leaning toward the pink. She found some really cute things in the PBTeen catalog that would be perfect in her room. I'll hit the outlet in a few months and see if any of it is there. She particularly liked the pink daisy rug and the grosgrain ribbon roman shades. The child sure has great taste!!

#1 is finally ready for me to re-do his room. His room is getting done first. He deserves it because he is the oldest and his room is - how can I say this nicely? - ummm... vile. Right now he has 80's wall paper on some walls, coordinating paint on the others and a border around the whole thing that is country cows and horses. He really doesn't mind it, but I sure hate it.

I'm going to paint the walls a lighter shade of Powell Buff (the color in Grambug's living room). I thought about denim panels for his window - he has a big double window on one wall. I might go with something else, though. He liked the red/blue/beige patterned rug he saw in the PB catalog... of course he did. This child has excellent taste, too. He wants me to make his bed into a "pseudo couch" by putting his bed against the wall under the windows. I was thinking a denim spread might work for that. He wants big comfy pillows - I'll do those in red. I want to get him a big bulletin board for his wall so he can put up pictures of friends and stuff. So - that's my plan. What do you think??


Clearlykels said...

I had my bed against the window most of the way through college. It was perfect for napping!! Not that #1 has time for napping. That's what college is for.

Meira{FB} said...

Lovely room! Just lovely!

happy WW!

Michelle said...

So, does that mean no lady bug bed set? THe room does look nice with the old wallpaper! I'm up!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh I'd die if I had a Pottery Barn Outlet by me!! I love her room already. I have a trunk that matches the one at the foot of the bed almost perfectly. I think your son's room sounds nice too. I've got to do the same thing in my house....get everyone caught up.

Have a great day.

:-) Susan

Crazy MomCat said...

I just got done doing my son's room. It's just almost finished, minus a few decorations. He wanted a sports theme and we found a really cool metal loft bed with a desk under it. We did blues on the walls, a denim spread with lots of reds and greens. I haven't done the curtains yet and I'm struggling on whether I should go completely neutral or a boyish plaid.

Isn't room redecorating fun? Good luck with it, LB!

Melzie said...

I was wondering the same-- no lady bug comforter? I really loved it!!!

Unknown said...

Denim seems more suitable. I've never been to Pottery Barn, how have I missed it?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see before and after photos.